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    As per current technology scenario, Solar energy can be optimally utilized during the day time. As seen in the graph below, for typical day time load (e.g. offices, institutions, workshops, etc.) power consumption peaks around the time when Sun’s energy is received the maximum (yellow area in graph). The ideal scenario is to consume the Solar energy as it gets generated. So that the requirement to store energy in batteries gets reduced and results in substantial reduction in cost of solar power plant

    Solar power plantAlso, Solar energy as an alternative to GRID electricity is suitable for anyone who uses Diesel generator for more than 4 hours during the day. Solar energy is approximately 30 – 40% cheaper than electricity generated using DG sets. With the increasing cost of diesel, this difference in cost will keep on increasing. Any investment in Solar energy will help save energy costs as well as contribute in keeping the environment clean.

    Solar energy gives the option of generating electricity independently in areas which are not yet connected to the electricity GRID. These include remote rural areas as well as villages in hills and mountains. Sun’s energy can be harnessed, as per requirement, in such places to meet daily needs of people and leads to their social as well as economic upliftment.

        Solar power plants typically have the following components:

    • Solar Panels: For converting energy in Sun rays into Electrical energy (DC power)
    • Solar inverter: For converting DC electricity into usable AC power (230V-50Hz)
    • Batteries: To store electrical energy for use when Sun is not shining
    • Mounting Structure: Holds the PV panels at particular inclination and direction for maximum efficiency
    • Balance of System (BoS): Includes junction boxes, MCB, connectors, lightening protection etc.

    Each power plant has to be designed as per customer requirement and is unique. We install Solar Power plants on turnkey basis currently in West UP region. We currently undertake projects ranging from 1kW to 100kW off-grid or on-grid type. 

    We feel that most other Solar EPC companies are not responsive enough to inquiries from individual customers or SMEs who want to install Solar power plants. The reason being, that the primary focus of these EPC companies is corporate/Govt. sector project above 200 KW. We at Systellar Innovations assure you that we will work in a transparent manner to fulfill your requirements.


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