Voltage Stabilisers

    Microprocessor Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
    Systellar automatic voltage stabilizers are energy efficient and incorporate some industry first features such as regulated relay power supply, Power Factor Corrector (PFC) and Zero Current Switching (ZCS).
    Models :                                                                                                       
    Air Conditioner stabilizer - SVS 4000 Available models: 110V, 140V
    Mainline stabilizer - SVS 5000 Available model: 110V
    Features :
    Microprocessor controlled
    Digital display to indicate input voltage, output voltage, load current, delay time, low cut, high cut etc.
    Intelligent timer technology eliminates Air Conditioner starting time delay when the voltage stabilizer is turned on after a long delay.
    High quality relays, Vacuum impregnated transformer, Zero Current Switching (ZCS#), Regulated power supply to relays (24V ± 1%) for enhanced product life and safety
    Built-in Power Factor Correction (PFC#) calculator. Calculates and displays the value of capacitor required to improve power factor close to 1. Installing this capacitor will reduce load current by 20 – 30% and reduce electricity bill.
    Product Comparison :
    S.No. Features* Advantage Feature Availability Systellar Products Other Product
    1. Regulated 24V +/- 1% Power Supply To Relays. Enhanced Product Life And Smooth Operation A/C & Mainline Stabilizer Voltage Variation Only ± 1% Voltage Variation From 18V To 38V
    2. Digital Display – Indicates Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Load Current, Delay Time, Low Cut, High Cut Etc. Operational Status Is Clear To The User. A/C & Mainline Stabilizer
    In Selected Models
    3. Built-In Power Factor Corrector (PFC) Calculator – Calculates And Displays The Value Of Capacitor Required To Improve Power Factor Helps In Increasing Efficiency And Reducing Electricity Bills
    Mainline Stabilizer
    4. Zero Current Switching (ZCS) - Relays Contacts Operate At The Instant When No Current Is Flowing Through Them Enhanced Product Life And Safety
    A/C Stabilizer
    In Selected Models
    5. Intelligent Timer Technology – Removes Starting Time Delay If Stabiliser Is Idle For More Than 3 Min User Does Not Have To Wait For Air Conditioner To Start
    A/C Stabilizer
    In Selected Models
    6. Robust Transformer Design High Efficiency Design Means Less Energy Wastage And Heating. A/C & Mainline Stabilizer
    In Selected Models

    * Product specifications and features might change for product enhancement

    # Depends on product model


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